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Instruments at ALEC

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AutoTrace SPE Workstation

Our AT SPE Workstation from Caliper Life Sciences (recently divested to Dionex Corporation), can process up to six large volume liquid samples in parallel. Our instrument is equipped to use 6 ml solid phase extraction (SPE) columns (cartridges) available from multiple vendors with different sorbent types (e.g. C18 or HLB) and different sorbent weights (e.g. from 300 to 1000 mg). Column conditioning, sample loading and elution steps are automated for large volume aqueous sample extractions (up to 2 L) by the AT Workstation. The AT allows the user to program up to six different solvents for sorbent conditioning, washing, and eluting in one run.

The AT workstation automates the extraction process used to prepare water samples (up to 2 L) for further analysis by LCMSMS, GCMSMS, ion chromatography, ICPMS or other techniques.

Some column types:

We also have a TurboVap instrument for rapid evaporation and reduction of up to 50 organic extracts (up to 30 ml each) at once.

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