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Instruments at ALEC

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Gas Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometer (GCMSMS)

Our GCMSMS consists of a Quattro micro tandem mass spectrometer from Waters-Micromass and a 7890A gas chromatograph with a 7683 automatic liquid sampler, both from Agilent Technologies.

The Quattro micro ionization options include EI and CI (positive and negative). The tandem mass spectrometry configuration maximizes analyte signal to allow accurate quantitation and trace level limits of detection of targets in complex matrices.

Software applications include MassLynx 4.1 for instrument management and data acquisition, including MS scanning, MS selected ion recording, MSMS precursor ion scanning (parents), MSMS product ion scanning (daughters), MSMS neutral loss/gain scanning, and MSMS multiple reaction monitoring. OpenLynx Processing provides summary reports for groups of samples. QuanLynx provides quantification of MassLynx data. QuanLynx quickly processes groups of samples to provide automated peak detection, calibration and quantification. TargetLynx is also for target quantification. In TargetLynx identification of target analytes is assured based on user-defined ion ratios.

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