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Organic analyses

Analytical Method

Internal Pricing
LC-MS (unit mass resolution)  $35.00 hourly / $47.00 injection
LC-qTOFMS (high res. accurate mass) $47.00 hourly / $88.00 injection
GCMS $38.00 hourly / $49.00 injection
AFFF-MALS $35.00 per sample
LC-Q Exactive MS (high res. accurate mass) $64.00 hourly / $84.00 injection
Total Organic Fluorine $82.00 per sample
SPE- User Operation $ 30.00 per sample set
SPE- ALEC Operation $31.00 per sample set


Inorganic analyses

Analytical Method

Internal Pricing
ICPMS- Elemental  $21.00 per Standard Set (see below)
ICPMS- Speciation   $36.00 per sample
TOC Analyzer $22.00 per sample
XRF (portable) $20.00 per sample
Microwave Digestion $27.00 per sample
Fluorescence Spectroscopy $19.00 per sample
Ion Chromatography $19.00 per sample
Elemental Analysis, CNS $31.00 per sample
CNS (JB) $8.00 per sample


Direct infusion of liquid samples to ESI-MS (electrospray ionization mass spectrometry) is also available. 

ICPMS  Analytes Included
Standard Set 1 (Major Cations) K, Ca, Na, Mg
Standard Set 2 (DRC) V, Cr, Fe, Co, As, Se
Standard Set 3 (Trace Metals) Be, Al, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Ba, Pb
Standard Set 4 (REY) Y, Ce, Dy, Er, Eu, Gd, Ho, La, Lu, Nd, Pr, Sc, Sm, Tb, Th, Tm, Yb
Standard Set 5 (Minor/HNO3) Li, Ga, Rb, Sr, In, Cs, Tl, Bi, U
Standard Set 6 (Minor/HCl) Ru, Rh, Pd, Te, Hf, Ir, Pt, Au
Standard Set 7 (Minor/ HF) B, Si, P, Ti, Ge, Zr, Nb, Ta, W, Re (total S now available by request)
Standard Set 8 Hg


  Examples of Analytes and Matrices
LC-MS/MS per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), pesticides, surfactants, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals
GC-MS/MS solvents (TCE), organochlorine pesticides  
Total Organic Fluorine - CIC fluorine as a surrogate/indicator for PFAS
Extractions water, soil, biosolids, plant material, animal material 

Internal pricing is specific for users paying for analyses with a University of Arizona account number.

Costs are different for non-UA users. Please contact us directly to discuss further pricing.

Sample Submission

Download Inorganic sample submission form here.

Pre-arrangements with ALEC staff: (see CONTACT link for EMAILS). 

Samples can be delivered directly to an ALEC staff member in the lab during normal business hours. Please remember to bring your sample submission form or submit one electronically to the staff member. For large sample batches, or those with complex sample IDs, please prepare and submit a sample ID list (either Excel or CSV) listing the sample names and sample descriptions. This should be emailed to your ALEC contact rather than presenting a hard copy piece of paper.

Please make diligent efforts to keep your fomites as clean as possible. 

Very Large Projects

Are you planning a large project with many samples to measure over a period of months or years? Are you in the grant writing stage and need information from ALEC to help you prepare a budget? Let us know what your needs are, so we can determine the best way to help you prepare for costs and make the best arrangement for exchange of samples and data to support your project. One way we can help is by providing technical descriptions of analytical analyses to support your proposal methods description.